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Some Day My Prince Will Come

Some day my prince will come. Someday I’ll find my love and how thrilling that moment will be when the prince of my dreams comes to me. All my life these lyrics have served as my prayer. I recall the hours planning my wedding, with a white dress, hundreds of flowers, a line of bridesmaids […]

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To Friend or Not to Friend

As I child, I spent endless time on the phone with my divorced parents, counseling them and listening to their disappointment with one another. My father made it his business to call me and bemoan how sad he was about his failed relationships and how he wished he’d done better. My mother spent the next […]

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On Giving Up and Dreams Deferred

I have been actively and deliberately following my bliss, pursuing my dreams and tracking my deepest desires since the birth of my son in 2007. Something woke up inside of me when he was born and subsequently diagnosed with Down syndrome. Actually his birth confirmed a diagnosis that had come during my twentieth week of […]

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