The Healing Begins

After being diagnosed with a precancerous lump on my breast, I’ve decided to make some changes to bring optimal health to my body. I’ve never had any real health scares with the exception of having an abnormal pap smear when I was about sixteen. The test showed that I had precancerous cells in my uterus, which is now known as HPV. Even though the doctor suggested surgery, my aunt took me to see an Eastern naturopath. I was given several months’ supply of an herb named chaparral and told to take something like twelve tablet every day. I followed the holistic doctor’s strict orders, and I’ve had only regular pap smears ever since.

This recent lump in my breast has given me a reason to pause and remember what I learned from that experience many years ago. In an effort to heal myself without using any modern medicine, unless it becomes absolutely necessary, I’ve enlisted my herbalist. The first thing he said is that everyone has precancerous cells in their body; that it’s nothing to be alarmed by. I’ve also recommitted to my daily green drinks, which include watercress, dandelion, and various other greens like spinach and kale. Of course, based upon my childhood experience with chaparral I’ve added this along with bladderwrack and nopal cactus. This combination will work to restore my body’s balance, but I must help by drinking lots of water and eating healthy meals. My biggest challenge is cutting the white sugar out of my diet again. I’d managed to stay off sugar and all processed foods for nearly four years, but early this year I gave into a craving for ice cream and I have not shaken it yet. Sweets really act as a monkey on my back, which is why I joined food addicts anonymous the first time I gave up sugar. Having the support really worked, and I might need to take the route again.

I’m seeing that going the natural route takes commitment, and I’ve had to make changes in the products I use along with the food I eat. I’ve stopped dyeing my hair to avoid the products’ chemicals, and I’m now using shampoo and conditioners that have no parabens in them. I’ve stopped using Secret deodorant and switched to Arm & Hammer  because it’s not an antiperspirant. Some days my natural underarm odor makes me wanna holler and apologize to everyone around me. This week I’ll resume my hot yoga practice, which gives me the opportunity to sweat with other people who also stink. Showering twice per day has become a regular thing for me (I know, not the most eco-friendly practice.)

Gone are the days when I could just dial my health in. Taking care of my health has become a spiritual practice of sorts, allowing me to deepen my understanding of what my body needs to create harmony. There’s the inner work and the outer, the prayer and meditation is as important as drinking water and proper nutrition. In many ways I’m at school in my own body and mind, getting a degree in how to sustain myself.


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